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More and more Clostridia in milk

The increasing industrialization of livestock farming has led to a negative trend in one of the most important cheese quality parameters Version of an article published in the periodical Cheese Time (English translation not revised by the author) by Michele …


Super fodder for happy cows

Repossi has always recommended using comb rakes to MINIMIZE the soil and Clostridia contamination of cheese (why is it important to limit CLOSTRIDIA?). A study by a researcher from the University of Milan (Italy) shows that a Repossi comb rake …


Cows are extremely honest animals

Repossi Macchine Agricole and Azienda Bonati: a history of quality   Azienda Agricola Bonati Giorgio in Baselicanova di Montechiarugolo (Parma) produces top quality Parmigiano-Reggiano (genuine Italian Parmesan). Their cheese has won several prizes, including the Gambero Rosso “Tre Spicchi di …


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