The advantages of choosing Repossi

The advantages of choosing Repossi


Repossi agricultural machines are designed with special attention to the needs of the most conscientious customers and are the result of continuous work and a long-standing relationship with our users.

1) Particular attention is paid to the forage to be processed.

Repossi rakes give excellent results with every type of forage. They lead to a high quality product by not picking up stones and earth, and greatly facilitate drying in the field.

This fact is supported by the results of analyses carried out by a researcher from the University of Milan, shown in the table below:

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These analyses show that Repossi rakes considerably facilitate forage drying in the field and pick up only what could be considered as a natural amount of dust from the ground. This keeps the quality of the windrowed forage very high, which has positive repercussions on the nutritional factors that affect the living conditions of cattle. Appropriate use of high quality hay (with low DUST content) makes it possible to keep the number of clostridium spores in milk under control. In addition, increased drying in the field means energy savings during moisture removal operations.

2) Particular attention is paid to the machine operator

All Repossi products are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards. They are provided with a roadworthiness certificate if the Highway Code so requires. Many models are built with fully hydraulic transmission (no shafts). Besides doing away with all the safety problems associated with drive shafts, other additional safety devices may also be fitted as a consequence. Furthermore, Repossi machines ensure maximum manoeuvrability both in the field and on the road. They adapt perfectly to any terrain thanks to the speed and ease with which the working heights may be screw-adjusted.

3) Lastly, much attention is paid to containing working costs

Even the Repossi machines with the largest working widths (particularly trailed machines) may be used with low power tractors, with substantial diesel fuel savings. Furthermore, many of the devices fitted minimize installation time thus containing labour costs. Repossi equipment requires very low levels of maintenance (regular filter and hydraulic oil change, and use of special self-lubricants) and is designed for maximum strength and durability (universally jointed arms, powder or catalysed coating, oil-bath gearboxes, etc.).

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