Mod. 6500 TIPO 3

Special Advantages

They rake excellent with every type of forage and on every kind of ground They work excellent on terrains with many stones and clay surface They allow to perform more operations simultaneously with consequent money saving They can be used with different working width depending from the quantity of grass in the field and allowing to always obtain windrows of the best size and volume They can be used with small power tractors with considerable money savings and with limitation to the environment pollution They are homologated for road use They are completely hydraulic with the following advantages: minimum level of scheduled maintenance, no vibration while turning, very high reliability, noise free, integrated safety valves
Working width 6.50 m con formazione di andana laterale, 6.20 m con formazione di due andane, 5.40 m con formazione di andana centrale
Minimum transport width 1.68 m
arms 19
Tines for each arm 4
Wheels 8 ruote Super Ballons 18.5×8.50-8 su 2 tandem
Weight 1150 kg
  • Light system