Mod. 6000 TRIO BIG

Special Advantages

The increase in dust contamination is -75% if compared with other rakes They rake excellent with every type of forage and on every kind of ground They works excellent with alfa-alfa grass They allow to perform more operations simultaneously with consequent money saving They are used without never moving from the driving seat assuring high comfort level and time saving They can be used with small power tractors with considerable money savings and with limitation to the environment pollution They are homologated for road use They are completely hydraulic with the following advantages: minimum level of scheduled maintenance, no vibration while turning, very high reliability, noise free, integrated safety valves
Working width (with lateral swath configuration) 6.00 m
Working width (with central swath configuration) 6.00 m
Cleaning width 5.10 m
Minimum transport width 2.54 m
Transport height 3.07 m
Number of reels 15
Tines per reel 15
Wheels 205/65R15/15×6.00-6
Weight 1295 kg
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