Mod. 350/9FT

Vantaggi speciali

They rake excellent with every type of forage and on every kind of ground They work excellent on terrains with many stones and clay surface They allow to easily pass through narrow and difficult passages They can be used with different working width depending from the quantity of grass in the field and allowing to always obtain windrows of the best size and volume They can be used with small power tractors with considerable money savings and with limitation to the environment pollution
Larghezza di lavoro 3.50 m / 3.30 m
Diametro rotore 3.12 / 2.84 m
Larghezza minima di trasporto 1.25 m
Bracci 9
Denti per braccio 4
Ruote 4 ruote Ballons 15×6.00-6 piroettanti su tandem
Peso 363 kg
  • Mod. 350/9FT


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